Scientific education in schools

Connections between Brazil and the United Kingdom


In this publication, you will find the shared experiences of researchers and teachers who have enormously contributed to the STEM Education Hub. Edited in a digital book format, the epub offers new paths and links to enrich reading and bring science teachers new ideas and approaches.

Science capital: teacher handbook for download

Resource from the Primary Science Capital Project aims to develop a science capital informed pedagogical approach for use starting at primary schools

Inclusive teaching: 10 tips for teachers

Resource from the Institute of Physics (IOP) is part of the STEM Girls training promoted by the British Council and the STEM Education Hub

STEM Education Hub

Helping to promote cooperation in STEM education between Brazil and the United Kingdom

Our Vision

The STEM Education Hub seeks to promote cooperation between Brazil and the United Kingdom through a network of affiliates who are interested in participating in our actions regarding research, training, and innovation in science teaching and dissemination.


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Funding and Scholarships

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Student Mobility

We hope that the information available here is helpful for both students specialising in STEM, in Brazil and the UK.


We have partners in Brazil and the UK to create connections and collaboration in the area of science teaching and learning.


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