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About the hub

The STEM Education Hub

The STEM Education Hub aims to build partnerships and collaboration between educators and researchers across Brazil and the UK with a focus on STEM education. Our mission is to become a centre for promoting cooperation between Brazil and the United Kingdom in STEM education research, training and innovation aimed at promoting high quality education for everyone.

The Hub is based at the King’s College London School of Education Communication and Society (ECS) and is a partnership between King’s College London and the British Council Brazil. The Hub was launched in January 2021 and it has several partners in both countries who contribute to the Hub with ideas and running events.

We seek to offer opportunities for reflection, study and collective experimentation between the two countries in STEM areas, strengthening the use of research and evidence-based teaching for a reflective educational action. We run short courses on emerging themes in the field of STEM education, scientific workshops, international study missions for developing partnerships and carrying out collaborative work and studies, in addition to immersion courses and summer schools.

The Hub has a special agenda to promote citizenship, equity and sustainable development both in basic and higher education. The activities of the STEM Education Hub also include production and sharing of good teaching practice.

Our team

Arthur Galamba – Lecturer in Science Education (School of Education Communication and Society – ECS), King’s College London

André Miquelasi – STEM Hub Administrator

Alessandra Moura – Project Manager for Schools (Gerente de projetos de Educação Básica), British Council Brazil