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The first session of the STEM Education Hub?s Girls in STEM: Shaping Future Scientists took place last Thursday evening. This exciting project in collaboration with…
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STEM Education Hub

A girl stitting at a table using a tablet deviceThe first session of the STEM Education Hub?s Garotas STEM: Apoiando futuras cientistas took place last Thursday evening.

This exciting project in collaboration with Museu do Amanhã in Rio de Janeiro will run over eight weeks. It involves 24 leaders of 12 projects working hard to incentivise and widen the participation of girls in STEM subjects across Brazil. The call for the course received over 170 applications from all five regions of Brazil.

The course is being led by a team of UK gender inclusion experts. The team is made up of Dr Jessica Hamer from the Institute of Physics and King?s College London, and Dr Esther Mander and Dr Jenny Search from the Institute of Physics.


The projects selected for the Girls in STEM training course are below:

  • Girl scientists: education, protagonism and confronting gender-based violence, Renatha Cândida da Cruz; Federal Institute of Goiás Campus Uruaçu; Mid-west region.
  • Cunhantaí: girls in science and technology; Cecília Maria Pinto do Nascimento; State University of Mato Grosso do Sul; Mid-west region.
  • PRÓ-MAR goes to school; Karina Vieira Martins; Environmental Partner Organisation PRÓ-MAR; Northeast region.
  • Girls in the science of theory: awakening vocations through knowledge; Josilene Aires Moreira; Federal University of Paraiba; Northeast region.
  • Sarminina Scientists: Encouraging Girls from Maranhão to Exact Science and Technology Careers; Kátia Simone Teixeira da Silva de La Salles; Federal University of Maranhão; Northeast region.
  • Girls in science: developing the role and engagement of riverside women; Adriane da Costa Gonçalves; Igarapé-Miri University Pole; Açaí Training Center; North region.
  • Girls in Computer Science; Patrícia Araújo de Oliveira; Federal University of Amapá; North region.
  • STEAMS: science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics and sustainability, mechanisms for greater insertion of girls from public schools in the university and integration with UFPA students; Ana Paula Mattos; Federal University of Pará; North region.
  • Peritech: art, technology, innovation, and robotics at Maré; Ana Carolina das Neves Silva da Hora; Maré Development Networks; Southeast region.
  • 30 days of science; Juliana Davoglio Estradioto; Brazilian Science Incentive Association – ABRIC; Southeast region.
  • Akotirene Kilombo Science; Claudia Rocha David; Mãe Preta Territory – CoMPaz (Kilombola Community Morada da Paz); South region.
  • Manna Academy: a network to encourage participation and training of girls and women for careers in engineering, computer science and microelectronics.; Linnyer Beatrys Ruiz Aylon; State University of Maringá; South region.

Keep an eye out on the Hub’s Twitter account and website to hear interviews with some of these inspiring project leaders in the coming weeks.


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