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This new STEM Education Hub publication aids science teachers in understanding critical pedagogy and its diverse implementation in science lessons.
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Critical Pedagogies in STEM Education:

Ideas and experiences from Brazil and the UK

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This new publication of the STEM Education Hub is yet another collaborative activity between researchers from Brazil and the UK in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education. The STEM Education Hub is a project run in partnership between the British Council and King’s College London. And in the collaborative and multicultural spirit of the STEM Education Hub, we are delighted that this book was co-edited by two Brazilian STEM educators from King’s College London and the University of Cambridge.

The aim of this book is to support school science teachers in understanding what critical pedagogy is and to give insights into how it can be implemented, in diverse ways, in their science lessons. It presents a collection of international studies by Brazil and UK-based science educators, with a range of perspectives on the links between critical pedagogies and Science Education. We hope it will inspire and motivate teachers to reflect on and then transform the way they teach science.

The majority of the studies and proposals found in this book were first presented and discussed in a seminar organised by the STEM Education Hub – a project created through a partnership between the British Council and King’s College London/UK, which aims to bring together the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education communities from Brazil and the UK. The authors of the chapters in this book are educators from those two countries who have been researching what can be broadly termed as ‘science education for social justice’.

Since teachers and students in Brazil and the UK have contrasting socio-economic and political challenges, including diverse socio-historical trajectories, the issues addressed in the studies presented here – and the way the authors engage with them – reflect a fascinating variety of forms in which critical pedagogies can be conceptualised and enacted within this landscape of ‘science education for social justice’.

We are very excited about this publication! This is the first bilingual publication of a critical pedagogy book in STEM education, written to schoolteachers. Developing critical pedagogies in school is challenging, as teachers might not understand what it is or can’t figure out what it should look like in practice. The book aims to address those challenges and we hope will support teachers to rethink their teaching.

Arthur Galamba

Lecturer in Science Education - STEM Education Hub Coordinator, King's College London

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