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The STEM Education has many exciting events coming up, in which we hope you will be able to participate! Keep an eye on this page for new events.

Past Events

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Assessment for Learning in digital environments

24th October 2023

Dr Christine Harrison (KCL) and Dr Lilian Bacich (Tríade Educacional) shared their expertise in the area of education in an exciting conversation about how Assessment For Learning has been used in the UK and Brazil.

The event was hosted by the Hub’s director Dr Arthur Galamba (KCL).

Stay tuned for videos and materials.

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Comparing Realities in School Language Learning and Teaching

21st September 2023

The STEM Education Hub had the honour to bring together Dr Simon Coffey (KCL) and Dr Andrea Machado de Almeida Mattos (UFMG) to discuss diverse approaches and experiences in language learning and teaching, exploring the similarities and differences between Brazil and England.

Stay tuned for videos and resources from the event.

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WEBINAR - Inclusion in STEM Education and informal spaces

16th May 2023

On 16/05/2023, The STEM Education Hub hosted a roundtable discussion on how to make STEM education more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities. 

For videos and resources from the event click here.

WEBINAR - STEM Education in Schools Connections between Brazil and the UK

19th May 2022

The Webinar marked the launch of the e-pub “Science Education in Schools”, dealing with topics such as citizen science, critical pedagogies, decoloniality, racism, scientific capital and communication.

For the event video click here

Environmental Education Seminar

16th and 17th February 2022

In February 2022, the STEM Education Hub was pleased to present a series of seminars called “Environmental Education: How to Teach for a Sustainable Future?” It gathered specialists from the UK and Brazil to explore the concepts related to environmental education and practical approaches to implement pedagogies sensible to the current global challenges

For information about the presenters click here.

For videos click here.

For more resources click here.

Webinar on Connecting STEM Research, Teaching and Education in the UK and Brazil

26th January 2021

Lara Piccolo and Trevor Collins, The Open University and Cecília Baranaukas, Unicamp present their research on energy and information literacy.

For the presentations from this event please head to our publications page here

Connecting Brazil and the UK and its legacy

26th January 2021

Ronaldo Christofoletti present on our launch event the STEM Brazil-UK partnership, the impact of Maré de Ciência (Tide of Science) Project and role of the SEH. 

For the presentation of this event please click here