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STEM Education Hub


Isabela Milanezzi and Arthur Galamba present the objectives of this new project in collaboration between British Council Brazil and King’s Brazil Institute.

Over 100 people attended this first event of our official launch introduces the STEM education hub for the first time, a new and exciting collaboration between the King’s Brazil Institute and British Council Brazil. Dr Arthur Galamba and Isabela Milanezzi spoke about the objectives and future of the STEM Education Hub, which aims to stand at the forefront of collaboration and co-operation between researchers and educators in STEM education in the UK and Brazil.

Dr Arthur Galamba is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Science Education at King’s College London. He has over 13 years experience in the teaching of physics at secondary schools in Brazil and the UK and has a deep interest in humanistic approaches to the learning of science. His most recent research is on developing a pedagogy of democracy through science to tackle fascism and on the experience of international pre-service teachers in England. More recently, he has developed a great interest in online learning.

Isabela Milanezzi is is a Project Analyst for British Council Brazil, focussing on basic education. She specialises on school leadership, social entrepreneurship in education and innovative teaching approaches in science, with a special focus on incentivising girls and women in STEM.

Please head to the publications page to see Arthur and Isabela’s presentation from the day.

Recording of the event is also available in case you missed it or would like to watch the event again (in Portuguese).

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