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STEM Education Hub

The significance of the right to quality education for all children is a central theme in the discussions and, in this regard, a focus on women and girls in science is highlighted in the programme, and is also the subject of another British Council partnership with the Museu do Amanhã.


Inspira Ciência Project

Inspira Ciência is a teacher training programme that aims to encourage vibrant science teaching in basic education. Created in 2018, the initiative is carried out by the Museu do Amanhã and the British Council and, as of 2019, is sponsored by IBM.


Maré da Ciência

 The Maré de Ciência is an innovative proposal of scientific dissemination and engagement to strengthen the interface between science, public policy and society. We work on Marine Sciences in the context of Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals, aligned with the objectives of the UN Decade of Oceans.

Mare da Ciencia Project

A differential of this project is the valorisation of the participant as the protagonist of knowledge production and the joint construction of processes.